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Metallic Earth (2018–2021)

Metallic Earth is a series of artwork exploring colours, textures and patterns inspired by Scottish prehistoric pottery.

The series is paying homage to two of the most sacred metals of our Earth Mother: Gold and Silver. Since the dawn of civilization they have been revered and valued, they have been used as media to create some of the greatest works of Art, but they have also been the cause of an endless cycle of aggression (to people and the planet) and destruction throughout the history of mankind.

With this work, I am trying to reconnect with the metals and see them in their original context, cleansed and purified from human intervention and exploitation. I am trying to see them for what they really are: an inherent part of the body of the Mother, flowing as rivers and veins within Her, interacting with everything else...soil, rocks, crystals, underground bodies of water, secret caves, and forces from the depths of the planet.

Through eons of time, Gold and Silver have absorbed the rays of the Sun and the it is time to let them shine again and spread their Light back to the Cosmos.

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