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Dialogues with Gaia (early work)

This work in its essence celebrates Mother Earth, Gaia; the living organism which inhales and exhales with us, has a heartbeat, and sings songs at nights under the starry skies for those who know how to listen.

This work tries to synthesize within a visual context disparate elements drawn from the vast pool of our collective psyche; drawn from a memory bank which exists in our collective DNA and is accessible to the seeker. These elements are simultaneously different and yet the same. They are coming from numerous ages, forms, colours, textures, smells and at the same time originate from the same Source. They are trying to find ways to re-unite, to re-connect, and tell stories of old anew.

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The work explores and tries to visually capture primordial forces of Nature; moments of creation, explosion, collision, fluidity, and raw beauty ... Fiery magma which comes from the depths and pushes its way forcibly and uncontrollably through layers of rock and crystals, veins of gold and secret caves. Ferns that share their storytelling with the morning mist of ancient forests, unfolding their existence as spirals, and imitating spiraling galaxies that float out there within the Cosmos, reflecting the universal principle ''as above so below, as within so without''. The work also explores cultural echoes of civilizations long lost in time and memory; ancient artistic expressions found as marks and symbols carved on stones well hidden in the hearts of forest jungles.

There is always the same intention behind my work; that every single line, mark, and circle shall leave an imprint of Light for all to receive.


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